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    XL 1200 LTD mod questions

    I might be picking up a 2000 XL 1200 LTD. The seller is asking $3200 for it, but I'm going to try to get it for $2,500 since it has pretty high hours (170). I really don't like the high hours, but if I can get it for the right price I guess I can live with it. It's probably going to need a top end sooner than later though.

    I'm going to be using it just for recreational purposes.... pull a wakeboard and for AWA events. I was wondering what mods I can do to improve holeshot besides a PPK and sealing the pump? It already has the D plate and I plan on adding waveeaters. What pitch prop is best? Is a stinger the way to go or is the jet works?

    I'm not concerned with top end, although I wouldn't mind increasing it. What top end speed should I expect, around 58? I mainly just want a good holeshot while keeping it on regular gas. I'm also interested in knowing which handling mods (intake, rideplate, sponsons, etc) are best.

    Thanks in advance for any help! I tried a search but couldn't come up with that much info.

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    OH will you buy the darn thing already.....

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    You just want my business again, Carl! You know I can't leave a ski stock! haha jk

    Funny thing is... I was just looking at your site to see whats up for mods haha.

    I just had a friend take a look at it like an hour ago for me. He's sending me pics later. Compression was 115 dead even across all 3 cylinders. He said it's in very good condition. I talked to the seller just now and he said he won't go below $3,000. I'm thinking it's still a good deal, no? I just don't like the high hours.

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    Just make sure the hull is in good shape (never been hit, repainted etc,etc.) if it is your good to go. 3G for an xlt with a mint hull that runs good is a good deal. for a couple of hundred either way its not worth the argue
    motors can be rebuilt-- ride it till it blows then worry about it

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    yeah, from what i'm told it's in extremely good condition, inside and out. even the engine compartment looked very clean i'm told.

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    Good deal @$3K. If you aren't worrying about top end, you might consider a Stinger, though you would be better off spending your money on some V-Force reeds. We will get you set up; between Carl and Jim down here in FL, you have plenty of resourses.

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    decisions to be made...

    2000 XL 1200 LTD with 170 hours, D plate, cover, and hydroturf for $3,000


    2001 XLT 1200 with 35 hours, warranty until Nov 07, and cover for $4,000

    It would be nice to save that extra $1,000... but I might not be saving a hell of a lot if it needs a top and a bottom end soon.

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    Both are good deals.... a 2001 with only 35 hours is like new. And personally, I like the looks of the XLT better.

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    I like the looks of the XLT better too, but i also like saving money! Arg, decisions!

    Oh well, they're good decisions to be making I guess!

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    get the XLT

    there is a 170 hours on the top end and the crank and everything else that moves

    for mods I would suggest

    intake grate
    d plate (get Carl to open up the opening a bit, that will help the bottom end)
    you might even consider the 05 pump

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