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Thread: just cams?

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    just cams?

    i was wondering if theres anyway i can get just the cams like speced in rivas kit. i for one ride recreational and cant afford/use race fuel at 5 bucks a gallon im after more power on pump gas. so far im looking into custom pistons that will raise compression and still allow 93 octane with aftermarket cams but can i get the cams seperate?

    heres my list of what can and needs to be done. any power estimates from expierience would be great.
    -raised compression if worth it
    -re-degreed cams (per riva spec)
    -porting the cylinder head,exhaust and intake manifolds.

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    also does anyone know if there are any dimensional differences between the 15f and ultra pistons besides comp. ratio? bore and stroke for both are the same. but does anyone know if things like the piston pin dia.,pin boss bridge width,cylinder/piston clearence, ring gap are the same or different?

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    Talk to Yamapro. He might have some info on it. I heard Judge had some offshore 15f's running in the low 70's with stock pump very reliably on pump gas.

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    i heard the same. so i emailed them and got back that "the riva off shore kit requires 110 octane". i sent an email back asking if i could get just the cams and got no response.

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