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    SOLAS 14/19 versus 15/20

    Can someone shed some light on the performance/difference of what each of these two props do? I see that VFX_Artist and PAINKILLER are running these two with some nice "top-end" numbers.

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    i feel better acceleration with the 14/19 .... the 15/20 has a little better top end with RIVAs stage 2.... but someone like Jerry with the rotax ecu is able to turn better rpms with the 14/19 and see higher top speeds... just depends on your setup...

    14/19 : better acceleration (my preference)
    15/20 : better top end depending on setup

    soon i'll be sending Jerry my 14/19 for a repitch and see what numbers we can get with it on the top end and keep the acceleration.....

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    i found that the 15/20 killed my acceleration and reduced my top speed.
    I "think" that if i were to pitch the 15/20 I would have gotten much better performance out of it. It was a loaner prop from Nils so i didn't want to start bending on it

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    The 15/20 is best mated with the Riva Stage 2 kit in it's original form and used with the factory stock ECU. When used with the RR ECU it doesn't seem to work well. Now the new re-programed RR ECU may be a different story altogether.


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