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    Safe or not, I'm kind of amazed I'm apparently the only person interpreting that law as being rather obvious.

    (10) Operate a motorboat at any speed with a person or persons sitting, riding or hanging on a swim platform or swim ladder attached to the motorboat, except when launching, retrieving, docking or anchoring the motorboat.

    Person (obviously)...hanging on a swim platform (yep, ya did that) ...attached to the motorboat, except when launching (you weren't), retrieving (you weren't), docking (you weren't) or anchoring (still weren't) the motorboat. As pointed out, the technical use of the term 'motorboat' is the only vagueness involved.

    I also used to see skis coming at me while out on my boat and I hated it. It seems like so many of the guys riding them don't pay any attention to what is going on around them and will pull a hard turn right in front of me. My boat doesn't turn like that, and I guarantee my passengers aren't ready for me to try. That said, there are other (and I'd like to think I'm one of them) who go out, have a good time, and pay plenty of attention.

    The cop you got was probably being a dick when he wrote you that citation. Its really too bad he couldn't have gone a friendlier route and simply informed you it was illegal and asked you to cease the activity. A citation can ruin a mood, a cop simply informing/asking usually lets the day continue, and getting hurt will ruin the whole year. He did pick a good citation to write though, because the wording of that is not at all as 'vague' as you seem to think.

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    I believe i would go to court on the ticket. of course there are a lot of people who have mixed opinions on this topic but we are talking about a PERSONAL WATER CRAFT and not a boat that has a propeller or prop which ever you prefer that can be more dangerous if falling off the back of your ski.

    here is a good read

    If you are wearing the proper safety gear and away from others then have a good time. but there are some that can argue that what would be the difference in someone getting drunk on your ski as long as you stay away from everyone else and make it back in is safe even if it is against the law. maybe next time put out some buoys and stay inside them and call it practice maneuvers.

    If you are going to play sometimes you have to pay. I would try to fight it and if you loose then pay and if you win play in a different place.

    As far as the riders in my area we bought our ski to have a good time on SAFELY and do every spin and trick we can on them. We know the risk and our limits and how to be safe and definitely don't need someone who has never been on a PWC stopping us and harassing us trying to ticket us for having a good time even if THEY think it is not safe.

    There are too many doo gooders out there that want leave people alone. the same people who says you shouldn't order the large because it made him fat. leave other people alone we are not communist yet.

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    I agree on the subject that JhegerJAB said. Too many careless arrogant unexperienced pwc drivers. I am a "rider" and also hardcore boater. I know what idiots are out there. I have been verbally warned about this same stunt while hanging around at the beach. DNR officer was as nice to me as I was to him. Respect given was received back. He gave me a verbal warning. That's all. I DO NOT agree that Kawi was at fault partially. This made no sense to me.

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    justice in america is served up by enforcement and judges..get a good're golden..get a bad one..well.....

    Quite a few laws on the books were implemented to protect public welfare..since we are the ones that pay when an uninsured somebody gets hurt doing something that most of us understand carries high risk.

    bungee jumping is not illegal..however, bungee jumping off a public bridge is.

    My blood boils when I figure what the rescue costs are for somebody climbing a mountain who doesn't know better then to check the weather or understand what bad weather actually looks like before it hits.

    Not to mention the risks to the rescue personnel.

    I recall a weekend of fun when I lived back east..we rented a couple of skis..the rental operator was pretty clear..

    if we got within 50 yards of one of his rental boats -all painted bright blue-, we can kiss our deposits goodbye.

    He told us..most of these renters are not experienced boaters..stay away from them, ambulance rides to the local hospital are billed at $400.

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    Have to agree with the cop on this one. I sat & watched a couple kids doing the exact same thing at my local lake a few weeks ago. They were riding 2-up on a GP12 with one kid hanging off the back with his ass actually in the water to get the ski to "bunny-hop". One slip & the kid on the back could have ended up with a high pressure enema. Sounds silly but can actually be a very serious injury. Ever notice the stickers warning riders to keep bodily orifices clear of the jet pump? We've all chuckled at those warnings, but they are there because some dumbass sued over it AND WON!

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    My next ski will likely have 1800+ pounds of jet thrust. More than enough thrust to rip my bung hole out and fling it to the Canary Islands.

    Do people still try this newb stuff?
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    If you want to pull a wheelie, get a small 2 seater from the 90s, stand on the back of the ski, put the trim all the way up and have fun. I do it all the time on my small 2 seaters. It only requires one person to do, and most likely is not illegal.

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    A PWC is a motorboat by law in most states with some added laws just for PWC's
    here is Pennsylvania classification Click image for larger version. 

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    Well there you have it!, Yes, seemed like fun @ the time. But I think PA., boating law covers PWC in their own way and what you did violates the law as outlined in 105.3 of the code. Pax riding on back ramp of ski. Pay the fine .... and move on P.S> If you want to do those type tricks join IJSBA ... they allow just about anything on a PWC @ very high speeds LOL.

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    Didn't realize that I had a "swim" platform on my ski... So that's what it's called?

    All three people realized there was significant risk. People should be responsible for their own actions.

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