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Thread: Mechanic Needed

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    Mechanic Needed

    I'm in need of a Mechanic.

    I just bought a 2012 Sea Doo GTI 130. I would like to add the VTS option to it and was told in another forum that this would be the best place to ask for help.

    06-09-2013, 10:41 AM


    I added the VTS system to my GTI130. All it is is a little module you plug into your "buds" plug, it comes with a lead to be able to add the other modules your looking at adding. Ill be honest, it was a total PITA to install, especially wiring up the handle for the VTS button. Depth/Temp module is pretty easy to add ive read, the most nerve-racking part is tieing into the fuse block, once you get an idea of the way its set up its ok but still nerv racking.

    Its a good sunday morning project!

    Good Luck! as soon as i reconnected the battery the Computer recognized the module and had the display in the corner. Well worth it!

    2011 GTI 130 & 2012 GTR 215


    before you get a quote ask for some fellow GH members for help. Alot would work for beer and pizza (no beer until after the module is installed ) if you were near me i know i would help you. The VTS module is the most work because you have to get the wire up to the handles. the other ones are fairly easy, however IIRC the depth/water temp require a visit to the dealer to "activate" it but i could be wrong.

    the GTI 130 is an incredible ski for the money. It is quick but definitely not the fastest on the water. there is something to be said for it, it is basically bullet proof. I will say the GTR215 is phenomenal, the 215 engine pairs with the GTI hull almost too perfect IMHO. Im not trying to rub salt in the wound if your starting to have buyers remorse. the GTI is still incredible, thats why i still have it

    2011 GTI 130 & 2012 GTR 215

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