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    Hi, I've got a '10 Kawa STX 15F w/ a meter that looks and works great....except one problem. The 12V output going to the speed sensor doesn't work. I've checked the cable coming from the meter going to the sensor and continuity is good. My guess is the meter isn't outputting the 12V. When i direct connect power to the speed sensor and turn the display on, it generates MPH. Any chance I'm missing something or does the display need to be replaced? Or repaired? Thanks in advance.

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    I sure wouldn't spend the money for a new display. If you're not getting power to the hot wire on the speedo pickup, I'd just splice another +12v wire to it. Make sure the wire you splice in is fused.

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    I did, i put an in line toggle w/ fuse and mounted in the box under the rear seat. I also think that same 12V coming from the MFD powers the steering assist if i'm reading the electronics sheet correctly so that may not be working, not that i'd know. If I find a cheap one I may replace and sell the one i have, someone will want it since it works for everything else and looks good.

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