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    Good rough water setup for RXP???

    Just wondering if anyone is running a solid rough water setup for an RXP to improve handling and hookup?

    What mods are you running to do this?:
    1.) Intake grate? I hear the Worx provides the best hookup in chop but...?
    2.) Sponsons? Riva or Jet Wings? I don't see any pics of cc skis running the Jet Wings, so are they best suited for top speed in smooth water conditions?
    3.) Extended steering nozzle? R&D one maybe, does this help in rough water?
    4.) OPAS blocks? RE's obviously.
    5.) Anything else...?

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    Riva Intake Grate
    RE Block Offs
    Riva Sponsons

    is what i like....much much better than stock.

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    Im running the Riva grate now, and I like it. But during the summer where I ride its hard to get "ideal" conditions for top speed unless you go out between 8 and 9:30am.

    Im just looking for a setup that will allow me to stay hooked up, track, and handle better during the middle of a summer day on a big lake with a lot of activity. I know the Riva grate is the best grate for top speed, but is there any other grate that provides even better hookup in the rough stuff?

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    Riva grate, 2 degree wedge, RE`s (to fit), Riva sponsons, lotsa boost, and a prop that`ll sling alot of water. Oh, and the finger throttle (a must).

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    don't know if you guys don't have them....but the best improvement I've personally made for was the skegs.....i don't have sponsons yet, but Danny, here, makes some that are more adjustable and cheaper than riva's....that's my next move. although there are enough people argueing over sponsons that I'm not sure they make THAT BIG of a difference.....

    as far as the RE b/o's....i'm not totally sure they made that big a difference in the chop. I went out last weekend 15-20 se winds and 2-4 seas and really noticed no difference in handleing. not the night and day i expected....perhaps they are more effective on flat water. supposed to eliminate porpoising, and thats good, but i haven't had the water conditions to reach top speed anyhow... time will tell.

    the skegs made the biggest difference so far. even going at angles to waves it tracks straight beatifully.

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    Didn`t notice a difference with RE`s in chop? That means you ride too slow. I can go faster through the tough stuff with them. But I don`t have skegs either. Skegs and chop I feel don`t mix.

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    I read somewhere that the skegs make the ski ride like its on rails, and sometimes when riding in rough water when you come off a wave while executing a high speed turn, the ski will grab hard and throw you off. I thought I read that somewhere, but had anyone had that experience?

    As far as the OPAS blocks go I noticed a night and day difference in the rough stuff when switching to the Riva pro blocks (just like RE but dont extend as far back). My ski is a much smoother ride in the rough stuff now. When I come out of the water and land again I don't get that little "jerk" feeling from the ski, like someone tapped the brakes. Its a much smoother ride now, and they definately eliminated the porpose in flat water also. However I am planning on switching to the RE's this year.

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    I have heard that the Worx intake is best in the rough but it will scrub some speed on calm water.

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    i ride in rough waters have the skegs just need to put them on.

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    I know JD1 said he was running a rough water setup for the drags at WF last year. Maybe he will chime in and let us know what all he was running.

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