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    Anybody using the Reduction Nozzles?

    Just wondering if there are a lot of people running the interchangable reduction nozzles , do they make a huge difference are they worth the money!!!! Some opinions would help, thanks guys

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    I run them and consider them a "must have" for a modified ski for two reasons. The main reason being is you will more than likely get your best speeds when using the 81 mm ring. The second reason is it makes it sooooo easy to dial your RPM's in with weather changes, etc. Install a larger ring for more RPM's / install a smaller ring for less RPM's.

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    i bought 1 this yr 4 my rxp done put it on but haven't tried it yet got a few more mods 2 finish yet

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    Awesome guys , good to know and thanks!!

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    I got one of these. havnt used it yet but it makes sense if you dont want to keep pulling ure prop off and sending it to get pitched. I Got the Skat Trak nozzle with 5 rings instead of the Riva 3 might be better to fine tune and they cost the same amount.

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