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    biggest problem is to modd the 62t flywheel to work with polaris engine/crank

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    I transform a 62t yamaha flywheel to fit on the polaris crankshaft, in this process can arrange the advance timing i want, then use a yamaha 62t stator (instead of original from polaris) and fix it on crankcases(inside flywheel) -then connect it with yamaha e-box an finish

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    and from now on i can fit even yamaha MSD enhancer to those red engines - i can transform flywheels for 200 usd and need your original flywheel and yam flywheel - rest - you have to buy a complete yamaha 62t or 61x ignition system - from an old 2cyl yamaha - even a 650 single carb - ignition will work

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    And now i will think how to adapt the 3 cylinders yamaha ignition on 3 cylinders polaris - with flywheel mods is easy - same as for 2 cylinders - only difference is that on yamaha the stator is on flywheel cover not on crankcases - but for sure will find a way to fix it. Can not post pics with my flywheel - is my ideea - but i'm sure a good mechanic can do the same.

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    I have a 1999 1050 SLX with no spark. Where would be the best place to purchase the upgade version for the ignition system? Thanks

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