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    New Depth Gauge Transducer/Program Installation Problem

    Oh Hi,

    I think someone out there may be able to help me to get the newly installed oem depth gauge to read out depths. We installed the transducer kit on my '05 RXT. I then took it along with the instructions, to the Sea-Doo dealer to do the BUDS programming. As I recall, the read out on the mechanics computer was not the exactly the same as on the directions. Nevertheless, he did check the "depth gauge" box then something else. The gauge on the Sea-Doo was reading out "FT ---". So, I believed the programming was complete. When I launched her today I did not get any numerical readings. I did notice that once the key was put on a read out of "SENSOR" then "FT---" came up.

    Any ideas to get this thing to read out..

    Thank you for taking the time to help me.


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    It can only be two things:
    1. There is air between the depth gauge and the hull.
    2. Depth gauge is defective.

    Sorry, actually there's three:
    3. Watercraft is not in the water.
    Just a little humor, in my opinion he did a bad installation.

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    did you install the kit yourself????

    make sure you put the mineral oil in the base before you insert the transducer . you should have sealled the base to a part of the hull that there isn't a space between decks. theres two deck in all new watercrafts, the main deck that you float on and a second deck your motor sits on. you need to cut threw the inner motor deck and secure the transducer to the bottom deck or a place that your sure theres no airspace at all between them, then filled the base with mineral oil then insert the base and lock. a small amount of oil should have oozed out as you were push the transducer in. ive done a few of them now with no problems.
    did you wire into the mpem plugs also??i think it was pins 2-22 and 1-6 directly
    and pins 2-10 and 2-11 tap to. that might be why your getting the sensor warning. the mpem is looking for the sensor reading.
    ive had to wire into the plugs on all of my installs

    you can test the tranducer by poping it out the base and put in a bucket of water.(its waterproof).
    you should get a number reading on your gauge now.

    theres a few more things, but first try these basics.

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