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    Lightbulb Difference in OPAS block offs; Plate or Hull Extenders

    Are the plain block-offs better or are hull extension block-offs better?
    Which one of each would be better?
    (fill in blank after sentence)
    Hull Extension will make the WC _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ect.
    Looks like there three plain block offs and two hull.
    If there is a thread about this please post it's name.

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    The plain block off plates do absolutely nothing for handling. They just cover holes.

    With that said, the Fizzle, Lacey or RIVA pro series blockoffs are the best choices. They extend the hull opening. This improves handling and also helps improve hook up in choppy conditions. They also help prevent porpoising at high speed on flat water.

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    After posting my question on a thread I see where you have explained it to others already.
    It looks like you have always been very helpful over the years to all.
    Much thanks to you and the other guys running the site.
    I see the other forums sites and have looked stuff up many times here
    Just gain knowledge about WCs in general since I bought my RXP and other skis.
    I Joined this one! It just give you the right feel about the info you get.
    Thank You/Y'all!

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    Does anyone still make these? RIVA discontinues but I see some around. I have Riva ones on one ski and my other ski that doesn’t have it handles so
    much worse. It’s a must IMO.

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    I'm interested too in something similar for my 09 RXT-X, as I would like to delete OPAS given a few failures I've seen in other guys skis.

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    This is a old thread but there is a member that makes a copy of the Riva pro plates. He sells them in the classified sections

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    Who is the member?

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