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Thread: Water Box Mod??

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    Water Box Mod??

    Im currently installing my Riva exhaust and figured I would do the water box mod at the same time. My question is what saw are you guys using to cut the front of the box open with and does anybody have one in dallas they would like to lend or help a guy out with cutting one open?

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    I drew a line around the end and took 4-1/2 Angles grinder with a cutoff wheel and followed the line. more control then a sawzall if you ask me.

    Look for either a sawzall or somekind of grinder with a cutoff wheel.

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    Cut the front back to the first pipe outlet to make it shorter so you can pull the supercharger without moving the waterbox. Mine was cut with a 4' wheel grinder.

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    Thanks guys! I have a grinder and 4" wheel so I will hook it to the compressor and cut away! Can your basic muffler shop weld it back or is it some special process?

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    u'll need someone that can weld alluminum tig would be nice but mig will do the job most machine shops

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