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    HELP polaris sl 650

    im new to greenhulk and to jetskis I just have a few questions and need help. I just got a 92 sl 650 and I am trying to rebuild it and make it run. I am trying to buy new fuel lines and I don't know how much to buy also what type. another thing is I cant seem to find where every line goes if someone knows where I can find a diagram where the fuel lines and (I guess they are cooling lines), go the guy i got it from kinda took them off and idk y. also seeing how its an older model it doest have a fuel or oil gauge and wondering if I can buy one and install it and how. thanks in advance
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    Start with my signature links below, lots of reading and info to be found.

    The very early Polaris Fuji engines have a different water cooling arrangement than the later years, so be sure to read up on the specifics for your model year. 1992 was the very first year for Polaris watercraft.

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    Thanks very informational.

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