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    FX HO loves to rev, doesn't want to go anywhere

    2004 FX HO. Put it in the water for the first time this season. Sounds fine at idle and ski idles along as normal in the water, but as soon as I give it gas, the ski makes a horrible clanking sound, lots of vibration but doesn't go anywhere. I could tell as soon as I hit the gas, something was wrong, so I didn't push it. On the hose, engine sounds fine, no odd noises, no ticks or knocks, so I'm thinking it's something past the engine. On the hose, there is definetely some unusual clanking near the grate. Can't see anything stuck in there though. At the end of last season, my brother in law told me he ran the ski flat out for almost 5 miles, trying to hit a top speed, something related? I just changed the oil and the spark plugs.

    Any ideas? I'm relatively comfortable wrenching, something I can fix myself?

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    if everything is vibrating and it isnt going anywhere at all, usually the drive shaft is done. If it revs high then comes up to speed its usually a cavatating prop and or bad liner.

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    sounds like pump issue.look underneath and make sure prop is spinning at idle.pull the intake grate and the pump out and make sure there are no debris.

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    My money is on the impeller housing swelled up and then when started up on the hose the impeller was binding. Either the shaft stripped or more likely the impeller backed off the shaft threads and is wedged in the pump tunnel. The shaft is spinning freely. Start it up and get under ski. Looking through the grate see if the shaft or impeller is spinning. Best case is you can replace impeller housing and have impeller reconditioned.

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