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    ECU hours = number of hours engine has run
    Cluster hours = number of hours cluster has been powered on

    There was a few models that would show the ECU hours on the cluster but not many. You have to remember there is a lot of different cluster and ecu configurations (120+)

    If I remember right Buds shows the number of hours ecu, if the ecu is unplugged buds shows the numebr of hours on the cluster. (or it could be the other way around, it's been a long time sense I looked at it)

    In candoo we show both sets of hours on seperate lines... In candoo we do not allow the user to change the hours due to legal and ethical reasons...

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    So can the dealer add the real hours from the ecu back to the new guage on a 2006 Sea Doo? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by skip707 View Post
    So can the dealer add the real hours from the ecu back to the new guage on a 2006 Sea Doo? Thanks
    No, that would be illegal..

    You can not alter the hours or odometer on a vehicle.

    The hours on the cluster will not match the ecu anyways, they count two different things...

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    How would this be possible?:

    Local ad on CL lists a 2016 RXPX 300.

    Seller states it has a rebuilt motor and the gauge shows 0 hours.

    No mention of a new gauge.

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    It can be cleared with the hacked buds..

    I've also seen them stop showing the hours after reflashing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xspook View Post

    Local ad on CL

    ... gauge shows 0 hours.

    No mention of a new gauge.

    Ask the seller?

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    A new ECU or a reflash of the ECU will result in 0 hours showing on the cluster on the newer skis. Gauge shows ECU hours on newer models.

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    Possible to Reset Hours on seadoo??

    As mentioned by others cluster looks old and this type of cluster only shows the hrs in the ecu, so yes either A: someone changed the hrs in the ecu with hacked buds or B: it had a new ecu and they all come with 0hrs this the 0 on the cluster , only 2 options .

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    I just recently got a 2006 gti se and the gauge is shot. I have no idea of how many hours are on the ski. If I got a used gauge, is there anyway to change the hours in the gauge to match what the ecu in my ski is reading through BUDs?

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    There are other systems to reset the hours, this is not legal, but if the dealer guarantees you that he has rebuilt all the engine or replaced I do not see why it must be illegal it will guarantee lu However systems exist to do many things, like eliminating ibr when it breaks and more.

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