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    Dumb battery question

    Battery tested bad and got a new one from interstate. UB16CL-B.
    Ive never seen a battery that didnt come charged. this one, the acid is in another container and i add it myself, then charge. question is. Do i use my old rubber cap thing? i dont know what its called but its the long strip that fills all the holes. the new battery didn't come with one.

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    Yeh if your talking about the thing that covers the holes to keep the acid from spilling out yes u can use them again and you should

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    im an idiot. the cap for the battery is the cap that is on the acid packs

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    Dude, you are not an Idiot, I cant find it but there is a thread on this forum that is about Dumbest Thing I Did With My Watercraft. We all have slow moments.

    Quote Originally Posted by faredo View Post
    im an idiot. the cap for the battery is the cap that is on the acid packs

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    Next time you need a battery for your watercraft, look for a factory sealed AGM type battery. No acid to mess with, leakproof battery. Arrives ready to install, already charged.

    AGM batteries are long lasting, reliable.

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    lead acid aren't that bad. been using for years and cost me 40 bucks. goin on my 3rd year with the one i have now.

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