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    Arrow Checklists

    I had a request to provide a check list for first ride, test ride situations. Thought I should assemble something useful here.

    Posts and links I am looking for; Contributions welcome

    Pre-first launch checklist

    Put the drain plugs in! Then check them again at the ramp

    You do not ride to 'test'. You test, observe check, confirm, then ride.

    Is the plastic battery cover in place?

    If the carburetor engine revs way high when started out of the water and then doesn't stop when the lanyard is pulled, kill it by applying full throttle or choke. Then go fix the engine properly.

    Watercraft strapped to the trailer on the launch ramp, jet pump submerged. What to do, what to check for...

    Testing is testing, not riding. No passengers.

    Testing and checking takes time.

    Do not launch until you have properly maintained, checked, and serviced the machine. Testing does not fix things.

    First actual launch and test ride, what to do, what to check for

    Checklist before leaving home. What to do, what to check, how to prepare

    Engine can be test started dry for 10-20 seconds on trailer.

    Note: MSX 110 and MSX 150 MUST be started in Reverse when not in the water, to limit turbo engine RPM.

    Is the battery ACTUALLY strong and healthy? If not, do not leave home. Get a better battery.

    Still using an old style lead-acid battery? Make sure the battery vent tube is connected to the battery.

    Riding with the seat off - checking for possible trouble

    Throttle response should be consistent and snappy. Engine operation should be reliable. No stalling, no rough idle, consistent and responsive. If it isn't, then it is not working properly.

    Equipment and gear; what to take, how to stow it

    Tow ropes

    Hose pinch pliers if needed prior to being towed

    Pre-every ride checklists and procedures

    Trailer configuration

    We have an entire section dedicated to trailers.

    Bow roller location
    Winch strap goes UNDER to pull the bow DOWN onto the roller.

    PWC launch ramp and re-load process
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    Yes, tis smart to have a pre flight check list. Last aug, got up early, for the yearly Grand lake of the cherokees bobber drop. Backed the ski into the water, putting on vest, and forgot the hull drain plugs!

    Needless to say, by the time I got out on the water, most of the bobbers were plucked!

    In the upper 30's right now, almost snowing, garden in danger of freezing, this is Michigan weather, not Oklahoma!
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    Thanks Keith! Awesome thread and very helpful! I'm sure all new people to this sport will find it helpful!

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    If speaking of checking out a new to you ski, I have to say a good look at the jet pump, ride plate, and intake grate would be called for.

    Also, a few checks on the trailer should be in order as well. I spotted the broken bunk on mine before first launch, so I was prepared. Had I not it would have been a different story when I launched the ski and the port side bunk floated up in two pieces.

    I noticed there is no link on pinching off the hose for towing. I haven't seen anything other than a mention of doing this here or there. I'm still not really sure about what needs to happen. Simple as it may be a picture here would be very helpful.

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