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    Prop pitch advice

    Ok since there has been some debate in my other post I am starting a new one. If you look at my sig you will see my current mods on my 06 RXP. I am running about 8150 to 8170 with those mods at wide open. I am adding in an 4 inch fizzle intake, fizzle catch can, fizzles new HE external intercooler, dannys fuel rail, RRFPR, boost gauge, afr gauge, and then also over the winter I asked and it seemed to be guys said I should run a 15/22R prop due to my RPM I was running last season. So another post I have going guys are saying that is to much and I should run a 15/20 and add pitch if needed. So should I run the 15/20 or keep my 15/22 and take 2 degrees out and make it a 15/20 and see what happens or will the 15/22R be fine with just minor tweaking needed? Season is coming up really fast so any advice is going to be greatly appreciated guys
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    An x won't turn a 15/22 through an 83--or not that I've heard. Maybe through an 87 with cold air and water.
    I'd try the 15/20. If you reflash later, it (or the 14/19) can be tweaked to meet your needs.

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    15/20 why molest a prop that 15/20 will last the life of your ski providing you don't harvest oyster beds

    minor tweaking 15/20 more thorough mud trucking 15/22 proper prop for the rxp 15/20

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