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    my xl1200ltd is gettin in water..the hull is fine,the exhaust wate routlets r fine and also the plugs..what can it b?

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    A few places to check, I was taking on water before from one of the pissers on the sides lost the nut that holds them in place and the pisser fell inside the hull.
    Another time, the water intake hose that conects to the fitting on the transom plate in the rear of the boat came loose (stripped clamp) that couldnt be see until the battery tray was removed.

    and the obvious- make sure the drian plugs are tight.

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    nevermind about the plugs, I see you checked that already.

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    whats the pisseR?

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    Its another name for water bypass. On the sides of the boat underneath the lip there are is a little water spout. Its usually about even with the handle bars. There is a nut that holds them in place. If the nut falls off the hose and "pisser" falls inside the hull.

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    Make sure that the inside of your hull is fairly dry. Strap your hull down to the trailer and put it into the water a little deaper than you normally would.

    Do not start your engine. With the seat off, inspect inside the hull to see if you are taking on water. Let it set for 5 minutes before you determine that it is not leaking. If it leaks, then more than likely it is a crack or a component that is not tightened down enough.

    If no leaks, start the engine. If it begins to fill, check every clamp that is associated with the cooling system.

    I have noticed that the siphon system that removes water from the hull has been the problem when the problem was not obvious. It has a rubber check valve in it that sometimes get crimped. The pump stops creating a vacume and begins to pump water into the hull.

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    also the inserts sometimes leak, fill the hull with a couple of inches of water and see if water leaks out the bolt holes

    I had a leak for 2 years finally I simply covered all the inserts with silicone

    and for sure check the "It has a rubber check valve in it that sometimes get crimped." it is a piece of crap - find the siphon hose you will see where it is made to come apart (usually up near the battery)

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