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Thread: RXP '04 misfire

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    RXP '04 misfire

    Question? At first starting of eng. after sitting a while. Running on only 2 cylinders then after 20 seconds or a little longer and after full throttle, the third cyl.kicks in and run fine. Shut it down, start back up the problem is there again for a few seconds. At first I thought I had the training key on. I have went thru 2 tanks of gas. Plugs? Injectors? Coil? Or??? Stock machine other than BOV and Solas. 63hrs. I have cleaned and swapped the plugs around but did not replace with new. What first?

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    it's not uncommon for sparkplugs to go bad on these ski's and appear OK. they are too cheap to not simply replace them to find out if it fixes your problem.

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