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    Electrical Problems

    Well crap, I suck when it comes to electical! I thought I was having battery problems, but, it appears the battery is in perfect shape after extensive testing. Here is what is going on now. When I try to start it up for the first time each day, after being on the tender and carrying a full charge, it sounds like it can barely turn over, makes a coughing sound while trying to turn over, and then dies. When I try to start it again, it will usually cranks, but after a few extra cranks. Then later in the day when I tried to start it up, it made the click click sound while not turning over, and then the display and everything went out. Went out to try to start it one hour later, it starts. What the hell is going on here. Coincidentally, none of this happened until after I swaped out the GTX shaft with the RXT shaft. Don't want this thing acting up while I am in the middle of the lake alone, especially this time of year....

    Also, if I took it to the Doo dealer, could the B.U.D.S. diagnose the problem. I am still a little weary of leaving my ride with a dealer.

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    Very first thing to check would be all battery connections.
    It sounds like you have a poor connection .
    Disconnect the ground wire from the battery. then tighten all cables with a wrench. starter post, positive battery post, ground wire at eng block and any other battery cable connection on the ski. use a wrench on all connections. don't just grab it and say oh its tight. snug it down.
    A voltage drop from poor ground is the most over looked electrical problem. Tighten all connections and then try to start it.
    Remember TIGHTEN aaaalllllllllllllllllll of them. No exceptions.

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    open the front hood , check the positive cable on the starter relay,
    check the starter. give it direct power.check fuses.

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