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    Protecting your skis during a road trip?

    I'm planning on taking a few road trips with my skis this year. One might be to FL for a few days while it's cold up here in MA. That will be close to 3000 miles round trip. I have a few options -

    1 - Hook up and go and not worry about it.

    2 - Put covers on them but they might wear the paint in some areas.

    3 - Load the double jet ski trailer in my 32' enclosed car hauler (if it's not to wide). Stap that baby down and then take off. Then I know nothing will happen to the skis. Well... unless I lose the trailer.

    Suggestions/feedback welcome!


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    What to do...

    Ok Iíll put in my two cents. Go enclosed! With that 32íer you could bring some friends! You could go to your local friendly dealer and get some new ski create bottoms and bolt down inside of that car trailer of yours. Or if you donít want to haul the monster trailer; I used to uses the wifeís best softest bath towels on the hood of my sleds then put the cover over that to protect my sleds from cover rash.


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    If you do not mind killing your gas mileage go enclosed. Here is a product you may want to look at for that long haul.

    monitor your tire pressure on your vehicle and trailer
    Here is a product I just found that allows you to monitor your tire pressure on your vehicle and trailer. No tools are necessary to install PressurePro and the system is simple to operate. A wireless, tire air pressure sensor (cap) simply screws onto the valve stem replacing the dust cap. The Monitor is powered by plugging into the lighter accessory in the vehicle and displays current tire pressure as well as alerting to low tire pressures with both a visual and audible warning. The sensors constantly read the tire pressure and transmit low-pressure readings immediately when they occur. When tire pressure is low, the monitor identifies the low tire position with a flashing light on that location and an audible alarm to alert to low pressure.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I like the idea of soft towels on the skis and then cover them. I think that would work well. Don't have to worry about rock chips, wear from the cover, better mileage while towing and the smaller trailer is easier to haul.

    I have a redesigned GMC Sierra HD being built next week. It comes with tire pressue sensors but that is a good idea!


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