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    Picked up my Ultra 250X today

    I stopped by the dealer to pick up my Ultra 250X today. The first thing I noticed on the way there is that people look at you funny when they see two jet skis behind your truck when it's 28 degrees I had two 2006 FX HOs. A friend of mine bought one of so we did the swap at the dealer. They put that on the new trailer and the Ultra took it's place on my double.

    Here are a few pics that I took after putting them in my garage. The lighting in there isn't ideal for pictures but you get the idea -

    I really like the FX HO. It's a very comfortable ski, the seats are awesome, it will run between 60-62 MPH and it takes rough water pretty good.

    You guys know what his is about

    The guys in FL have already seen this view!

    The HO is bigger/wider while sitting on it.

    Not as wide but it will get the job done and then some.

    The ride plate is already off and sent out to be modified. Should be back in about 2 weeks. Hopefully there will be a few other mods available by the beginning of April.

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    Smile Congrats!!

    Congrats , TByrne......I got my call today and I'm going to pickup a red one next weekend!! Now let the mods begin!!! Oh Boy cant wait for it to get warmer!!

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    Congrats on your new ski.

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    Nice garage buddy. Hope your going to put it to good use.

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    Thanks! I'm a "car guy" so the garage gets alot of use

    Comparing the two skis while sitting in my garage, the FX HO is like sitting in a Caddy. Very plush and comfortable. Jumping over to the 250, the seat isn't as soft but I wouldn't say uncomfortable. I think I'll like it. I usually stand up if the water is a little rough anyway. I like the size of the HO's "dash". The 250's is sleeker. In the end they can both seat 3 people but I would say that they are in different classes and both very nice rides.

    I kicked around the idea of modding the HO but didn't do anything. I'm looking forward to playing with this one. I'll need some good glasses to keep my eyes from watering at high speed

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    Tbyrne, What type of trailer do have? Mike

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    Mike, that trailer is a Karavan.

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