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    2005 rxp mods what works what doesn't

    Hey all I've been having a bit of a sticky beak around a few different forums and this seems to be the place to come for technical advice so I thought I'd start a thread.

    Currently on my 05 rxp I'm running completely stock except for a light weight pink s/c wheel (not sure on the technical name fairly new ski and the guys who did my rebuild told me that's what I've got haha)

    Im just wondering what mods I should be considering to get my ski going a bit more, I've read a lot of different ideas on mods but would just like to know if they will be worth it. The mods I've been suggested so far are:

    1.filling ride plate holes
    2.trimming back reverse bucket
    3.14/19 prop
    4.4'' air intake
    5.42# injectors
    6. R&d grate

    Id just like to know if these mods are worth it and what order I should be tackling them all?

    also if anyone else has any other suggestions let me here them!



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    Any help at all guys or can someone push me in the right direction?

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    Well I'm new to the rxp but go though the how to section and do every free mod you can. My ride plate holes are filled and will help with speed. A intake grate r&d is a first mod I'd do. Simple to do. Do you have metal blower washers? If you have ceramic do not run unil you upgrade them. The 4" intake or riva intake is another great mod. No need for a prop or injectors yet. Get rid of the opas and reverse bucket will help with speed.

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    Cheers mate I've only owned the ski for a couple of months and dived under it yesterday and realised its already got a worx after market intake grate... Washers have been upgraded already.

    I'm very keen to do the ride plate holes but would like to get a few different ideas and methods so they're easy enough to remove if need be... Air intake will be next after ride holes and is it really worth removing the O.P.A.S??

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    Hmm I see why they're removing the opas... Can you just simply take them off or do you need the block off kit? Also I took the ski out an hour ago and I was hitting 72.4mph at 8050rpm I'd love to be able to hit 75mph

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    If you want your ski to turn into a sub don't use the black offs. Those mph are far from actual mph numbers. Your really in the mid-high 60's

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    Haha i know there very off i used a garmin gps and iphone gps both confirmed sane speed

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    Lmfao no stock rxp is running 75 mph. Bull shit

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    Try this , works a threat ...

    Get a ET 127 drop in wheel + 42 inj and skat 15/18 prop ...

    Hulls ass..

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