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    storage units rats and seat foam

    you Know its gunna be a rotten day when you go by your storage
    garage and find your seats on you nice rxt chewed into tiny little pieces


    anyone know where i can find 06 rxt compatable seats or my own seats recovered.

    and very bad ass ratt poison

    those of you who use storage for your boats payhead to my misfortune
    befor it becomes your own

    rats like to chew things.



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    That's a bummer. On the bright side now is a good time to install a new M-Line or Jet-Trim seat cover like this one:

    Found it on e-Bay along with others so do a search and see what you can find.

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    Tony, stop by the shop. I have some cubes for you that`ll turn that rat into dust. Same prob as one ate a cave into my Mustang rear seat. Seat looks fine but if someone sits on it they are going through. Ate transmission quart bottles down to fluid level. This thing just loved plastic!

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    Moth balls work great for at least mice..........

    Put moth balls all over your ski and inside the bilge as well, and a mouse will not get within 30 feet of that ski.

    Not sure if this would work on rats though

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