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    disable fuel gauge?

    In the process of disassembling and cleaning out the fuel filter screen of my fuel pump...I seem to have bent the metal touch plate that sends the signal to the dash of How much gas I have...knowing I have to rip the fuel pump backout and hope to it possible in the meantime to disable the fuel gauge without effecting anything else? I'm working on the ski and everytime I start it up it starts beeping as if I have low gas but I'm half full.

    2006 waverunner fx1100 ho

    As always, thanks for your help! This board has been a life saver.

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    not really, i think you'll just have to push a button on the dash to turn the low fuel alarm off each time you start the ski.

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    You could try using a quick spice connector to short the signal. That's what I used on my GPR to disable the low oil alarm after going to premix. That way you won't have to cut the wires, & if you get it fixed you can just remove the connector. They only make a small cut in the insulation that can be covered up with a little liquid electrical tape after it's removed.

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