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    cleaning up my hull

    While looking under my ski i took notice that my hull is rough and has minor scrapes in it. woould it be a good idea to take a 120 or finer sanding paper and sand the bottom to clean it up?

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    This is more of an opinion than anything else.

    The point of sanding or "trueing" your hull is to make it track better and to possibly generate more speed. In order for that to happen, the sanding must be deliberate and methodical. Most people would turn their boat upside down with the engine out of it to get the truest of hull they can shape. Block sanding would be done using a flat piece of wood or plastic etc.

    The point is that sanding can actually cause problems if not done properly. Do a search on "hull trueing" to get details. You will find that 120 is way to agressive for what you are trying to get done.

    Hope this helps

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    or you can send it to Leo in Tampa where he would true it for $700.00 and you will probulbly gain a 1.0 mile

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