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    Pics of RXT & GTX Weight Reduction and Hull Ventilation

    you want to see ambient hull temps? Here's a little something I did to my RXT when I owned it. Shaves off a few lbs and gets air rushing through the engine compartment like you would not believe.

    Just Sharing info

    Remove the fire extinguisher panel and relocate the extinguisher, preferably to the rear of the ski (every little bit counts)

    you are probably gonna look in horror and give me something about... OH, but i ride in rough water, oh, i jump waves, oh i do donuts.... give me a break... i'm 22, i beat the POS out of any motor vehicle i own, i ride hard, i'm young .... never had a water problem in my ski... and as a matter of fact, i never got water in my front storage bin either .... your choice, leave the plug in the bottom or remove it... i say install a bilge pump and remove that black plug in the bottom

    Stock modified hood... you'd be surprised you can shave off plenty of weight on that god awful heavy hood. i did a CONSERVATIVE job on the hood structure in this pic, you can get alot crazier if you want, trust me. you can come damn close to having just a plastic hood floating on the ski with almost nothing under it by hinges and latch. It won't go anywhere

    and then the rear seat.... which most of you that have been around for awhile know that I ordered 5 of those carbon fibre rear seats from overseas for some forum buddies of mine... Diablo Racing...

    they are pricey!! and I would love to see someone take on the project of making these seats for you 3-seater guys domestically and affordable... don't let some domestic business rape you 800+ bones for a fiberglass one. someone that is here for the benefit of the forum see what you can come up with and transfer the savings to your buddies. There's alot of ways to go about something like this or something similar.

    just digging thru my pictures on my computer trying to bring to attention some things that are not an everyday commonality... take it from here and see how you can expand upon this idea...

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    So i got bored the other day and decided to drill four 2" holes in the bottom of the hood support and cut out the lower portion of the fire extinguisher panel. I don't think it'll amount to much. I should just bite the bullet and cut it out like Steve did in those pics. I guess you also have to be dedicated to all out speed since i keep thinking about getting water in there. I think a big key to all of this as just giving air a way to circulate. Thinking of something like this as ram air isn't so much the right way to look at it. The stock vents may work better by doing some mods like this to the hood. I want the impossible which is retaining as much of the stock skis "waterproof" design while getting great air flow.

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