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    15 F - getting nose up for jumping

    Will anyone that has completed mods that get the nose up for ocean wave jumping please post mods, and results.

    Wedges? Adjust a trim ?

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    Thumbs up Getting The Nose Up

    I installed the pump wedge and R&D Ride Plate and this made a significate difference moving the water spray toward the back about 2 ft. Without installing the trim on it this is were you will get the most. My O6 15f is running 67.4 on the GPS with around 5 gallons of gas, I have also changed the exhaust and Air Box and I am still using my stock impeller tweaked a little. With a full tank and I mean tipping the nose up and loading it to the rim and 6 beers and my buddy on it who weighs 150lbs it ran 65.3GPS. With me and I weigh 215 it ran with the same gas and same beer 64.5.. The best part is we ride lots of trails off the ICW around Myrtle Beach and by using the pump wedge and Ride Plate it took all the nose steer out...and it turns great with stock sponsons... It's a great ski..

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    nose up

    thanks for your post !

    But, I am really just looking for nose up info. Speed is not the issue I am addressing.

    Did you install the wedge such that the nose was forced up, or down?

    If nose up, did you notice a difference at "No Wake" speed ? Was the nose still "drilling", or, was it out of the water ?

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    bladguy50, Where did you wind up getting your wedge from? I think I am going to do this next. Should get me close to 68mph while its cool out.

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    my thought on nose up is the wedge wont help much at no wake speed. above 5-10 it may come up a tad more and at higher speeds the nose up should be more noticable. this is just my opinion from past observations dont quote me im sure others with the wedge could have more input.

    BTW baldguy did you ever get to testing?

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    Not yet, I have been out of town. I will be leaving again so not yet but I will. By the way installing the wedge and ride plate will get the nose out of the water. Most all your skis are set up to plow in the nose. My was to the point of jerking at times, especially on the trails behind someone. Now that is gone and it still handles great. Everything I have done has been a positive result, especially the ride plate...

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