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    Abondoned ski washed up on my beach !!!!!

    found this ski washed up after experiencing a storm that caused the biggest waves ever, around my beach house( explains all the junk lying around ). what should I do with this ski ? what kind of ski is it ? is it modified ? I'll get better pics, but not for a month or so, I'm traveling.

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    If you can get someone to pick it up for free you will come out ahead. My neck is sore from cocking my head and trying to view pic :P What size are those tires? Maybe you can sell them for cash :P

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    Call your local authorities with the Vin # or registration numbers. Chances are if it was insured it was probably already written off, I doubt the owner will want it back.

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    The beach is already under maintance and is getting cleaned. The tide almost treached the house !!! I though it was a small sunami !!! I think it's an xp. I also found that the seat is missing as well as the engine and other components. I gonna have it removed from the beach and then I'll think about what to do with it. I'll have the vin run through the police for possible theft.

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    I took the photo with an iphone so it looks like that on my computer and I don't know how to rotate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barracuda View Post
    what should I do with this ski ?
    what kind of ski is it ? is it modified ?
    Yep it's been modified; looks like somebody beat it with a baseball bat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYamma View Post
    Yep it's been modified; looks like somebody beat it with a baseball bat.
    That's probably what happened to it

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    I think its mid 90's Polaris ??? That my guess not worth anything now though

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    It is a 95 720 seadoo Xp

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    If the vin is clear, then I gonna dump it in an old shed that I have outside my beach house. I think the owner was an old man I know who collects old stuff and it might have found itself being moved from his beach side compound to my beach house by the rising tide !!! I was thinking of doing a restoration, but the ski is heavily damaged from all sides and the hull has holes in it. It is also missing everything that could be taken off ( seat, front storage cover, engine, and components ). I might restore it if I find a complete 95 seadoo xp for cheap since this has some upgrades like grates and pump for example that aren't damaged. I think the majority of damage ( holes and scratches ) to this ski have come from other old stuff being dumped on it. real shame it is such a nice ski !!!

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