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    Dive Shaft Installation Help

    Is there a trick to get the top hat to the proper location on the shaft during the installation. I am putting an 06 RXP back togther and the top hat does not go far enought down the shaft to install the circlip. I tried my old top hat as well and had the same results.

    Is there a trick to install it.

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    So you can not get the top hat behind the groove for the c clip? The c clip stops the top hat from travelling up the shaft. The tension from the bellows keeps the top hat from moving back.

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    Should I be able to move the top hat back with my hands. It does not seem to want to go back enough to install the clip.

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    heat up the bellows with a hair dryer to make it soft. If u dont have the driveshaft tool you gotta pull back hard with yours fingers its fun

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    Make sure the drive shaft is clean and it slides on it, if it does it is just the ruber bellow. It is tight as hell! I used a block of wood and pry bar when doing mine for leverage. Allowed the circlip to be put on and the top hat was slid over it when done.

    Here is a thread I started long ago. Should help to see how I used a pry bar to move the hat back.

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    How much free play, forward/rearward movement of the driveshaft is there? There should be a minimum of 3/8" movement.

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