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    Unhappy 1997 1100 ZXI starter/bendix questions

    Last year, my starter acted up once. It would spin but the bendix would not engage. Troubleshooting, I jumped the starter and it cranked fine. We rode the ski all summer with no additional issues. This year after storage, the problem returned. Thinking it was the starter itself, I replaced it. Now, with the new starter, I still get spinning.

    Is there a way to definitely know that the bendix is the problem?
    Can the bendix on the 1100 be replaced without pulling the motor?
    How specialized is the flywheel puller? And Where do you get a flywheel puller?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to get this fixed before the water warms up!

    AP in SC

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    if the starter is spinning and the engine ain't cranking..bendix for sure
    I have one in shop now..I'm getting ready to pull the pump, pull the driveshaft and shove the engine back a few inches..not enough room to get the stator cover off. The stator burned up on this one
    cheap flywheel pullers at SBT factory ones are far better, but at a steep price

    oh yeah..welcome to GH..try the'll finds lots of my ranting on this particular topic.

    before you go thur all that pain..try spraying some wd-40 thru the inspection hole in the direction of the starter.

    work the start a lot..couple of seconds at a might get lucky and avoid the entire repair for a while.

    You might have some water leakage from the stator cooling system into the housing causing the bendix issue..that means lots of pain

    the bendix ain't cheap..DO NOT go with a used one..I think you'll know why if you try to pull the cover.

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    just went through this mess but the opposite way - I did the bendix first.... turned out the old starter wasn't spinning fast enough. I did the bendix without pulling the motor and it went fine. unbolt the front two motor mounts, put a wedge under the front motor mount, undo the front cover. You'll need the fw puller and use an impact

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