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    MSX 110 problems

    Hi, I have a MSX 110 that was submerged a bit.. Previous owner said that they had forgot to put the drain plugs in and if I remember correctly the water got almost to the heads? So he said he had changed the oil but it went into "limp mode" when he tried to take it out again. So my question is what should I be looking to maintenance before trying to take it out? And also is there a way to purge the motor of all it's milky oil? Because it still has milky oil that I'm trying to pump it all out without putting the oil tank back in as well as rinsing it out with fesh oil. Also the ski does fire but I immediately turned it off knowing it has milky oil. I also just because I have a extra kinda parts ski I switched the ECU in it. Oh and would it be advised to go and clean all the sensors? If so would I just use something like carb cleaner or something else?

    Hope I put this in the right section of these forum, first time posting and thank you in advance for your help

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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    Your in the right place... the few of us Weber engine, Polaris 4-stroke guys left, call this place home.

    Flooding the engine bay in your ski... is bad news. Do NOT attempt to take the ski out and run it. Let us give you a bunch of things to check and confirm are good before you take it out and potentially damage your ski.

    Do you know how much the PO ran the ski after changing the oil after flooding? Enough to go into limp mode...

    Okay... you clearly got water in your oil. Most likely through the little hole on top of the oil separator (cyclone) attached to the battery side of the oil tank. That little hole vents the oil system... but unfortunately can let water straight into the oil system. Water is a bugger to get out of the oil system. Folks commonly have to flush 3-4 oil changes (using cheap oil) through their engines to finally get rid of any traces of moisture. You will need to do this as well.

    But you very likely have another problem too. When the PO took it out again... without getting all the water out of the oil... the oil system foamed the water in the oil... making a slimy gunk and this foam expanded in volume inside the oil system. The expanded oil foamed over into the oil separator (cyclone) which in turn then got sucked back through a long hose... an emissions recirc oil vapor hose that goes from the oil separator to the airbox (beside turbo). The intake sucking of the airbox sucked this foam though the hose into the turbo inlet, out the turbo... into the hose going to the intercooler... messed up your intercooler... then out the other hose... messing up the MAP sensor located there... into the intake manifold... and depending on how much gunk got sucked through... probably messed up the MAP sensor on the side of the intake manifold too. These fouled sensors gave the ECU bad reading and made the ski run poorly and go into limp mode. (I'm betting).

    Pull the hose from turbo to intercooler... and intercooler to intake. Got gunk in them? Heavy oily residue? If so... you got the dreaded oil ingestion issue. You're going to need to clean all that oil out of the hoses and intercooler. And pull the throttle body off the intake and get down in the hole there and clean the intake manifold too. You can try to clean the MAP sensors (electronics cleaner, perhaps?)... but many folks report this doesn't work. The upper MAP sensor (intercooler to intake pipe) also has a secondary function of intake air temperature sensing (the MAP on the intake manifold is pressure only). The filament in the MAP sensor that reads air temp is very delicate... and is damaged by oil fouling. So you can try it... but when all said and done and all the oil is cleaned out of the intake tract and all traces of water are out of the oil system... and you run the ski and it still doesn't run right (maybe limp mode)... could probably be ruined MAP sensors. New ones are $45 from GM Direct... exact matches.

    So... if your pulling your intercooler to clean... you might also pull your oil tank... and drain it... then swirl some clean oil in there and drain again. The intercooler and hoses that you want to get all the oily gunk out of... I washed mine with hot soapy water... and let drain/dry real well. You're lucky with an MSX 110. Getting your intercooler out is a lot easier than the bigger boxier one on the MSX 150.

    So clean it all. Flush out your oil system 2-3 times with cheap oil... like Shell Rotella T 15w-40... sold by gallon at Wal-Mart. Between flushes... I'd run the ski for 10-20 seconds at a time to warm it up and circulate it... before draining it again. Make sure your coolant level is steady and no oil slicks present in your coolant reservoir. I'd also check your plugs and do a compression test while your at it (plugs out)... should be 125-140# each. When flushing is done... and your ready for the good expensive oil... make sure you're using Mobil 1 15w-50... it's required for the Weber engine.

    More good MSX/Weber info here: MSX 110 and MSX 150 (2004) with Weber turbo-charged MPE750 engine

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vortex View Post
    Hi, I have a MSX 110 that was submerged a bit.. ... just because I have a extra kinda parts ski I switched the ECU in it...

    Why change the ECU? Is there anything wrong with the original unit?

    I am not a Weber engine guy but I seem to recall there is a learning cycle that the ECU needs to do when something has changed.

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