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That is correct, the 701 raider only has one Fuel Pump on the rear carb.
There is also only one pulse line and its also on the rear carb.

I've converted my 95 Blaster into dual carbs, and like you said there is only one fuel pump and and one pulse line. It was running weird on the water, sluggish, not accelerating fast, but on the trailer it runs hard but under a load it seems like it's bogging down. I've adjusted the carbs to factory setting and it idles strong, and sounds smooth on the trailer, so I adjusted the hi speed on the water and it still isn't running how it needs to. I took the carbs apart today and checked the need and seat, and the jets to make sure they weren't clogged or gummed up, nothing. I did notice a lot more fuel in the carb with the fuel pump though. So then I was wondering if the carb without the fuel pump was even getting fuel, so I took the spark plugs off and the spark plug that aligns with that carburetor looks almost new, no carbon or black/brown on the plug like the other one. I'm about 90% sure I have all the fuel lines installed correctly too. Just tryin to figure out what this means and what I need to do to get it running smooth.