hey there,
Im looking at building my second mini jetboat. My first one had a polaris 780 engine and pump. it goes quite well but im looking for a bit more. i was thinking of using a s/c seadoo. but they are very pricy. so what im thinking is to do something totally custom. buy a jet pump from either an rxp or a kawasaki. I heard the kawasakis pumps are a little more durable? like stainless stators/wear rings.

once i have that sorted i would probably try find an engine from a crashed snowmobile or the other option was a suzuki swift. i understand they have a turbo model that puts out nice power.

any one have any ideas?

i have looked a little for an insurance write off rxp or the likes but they seem very rare. if any one has one or knows of one i would be very interested. engine must run of course. im looking for one that say fell off the trailer or hit a jetty. thanks for any ideas