Hi everyone, Im not familiar with Yamaha as I have a Polaris jet ski. I was going to buy a jet ski trailer from a guy and noticed he also had a jetski with a cracked hull that he wanted to get rid of. The crack is in the back portion on the jetski. I thought about it and am considering repairing it and making it a project jet ski so i have a 2nd one to use. He also said that the impeller is hitting the walls of the stator(Hope that's what it is called with Yamaha bc I know with Polaris that's the correct word). I know with my Polaris corrosion got behind the wear ring and pushed it out, so im assuming that's the same issue here. The jetski is a 1992 Yamaha 650. Is this a good jetski overall? Any major issues to watch out for? Do you think its worth putting money into and getting it working? I am getting the trailer he has for $100(this jetski is actually sitting on the trailer that im going to buy) What do you think I should offer him for the jet ski (providing its worth putting money into). Supposedly everything works fine on it except the cracked hull and impeller issue. I am going to look at it this weekend. Thanks everyone for your help!


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