Over the past few weeks I have started training for Thailand. Training has
been slowed due to recovering from an injury. I have been going for runs
to improve my fitness and doing a short cardio session to keep me healthy.
Firstly I would like to thank my parents for giving me the chance to ski
and always being supportive, I want to thank Jet Sport West my local race
club for helping me learn to race and Jettribe and Btowed my amazing
sponsors who have been kind enough to take me under there wing and sponsor
Im going over to Thailand on the 4th of April to Buriram Thailand, five
hour drive from Bangkok, for the Thai international race circuit, I will
be racing in beginners as it is my first time on the international tour. I
will be going over there to do my best, I would love to accomplish first
like everyone, but what ever I come home with I will be proud of because I
know that I tried my best. I am now getting really nervous but Im ready
to have a lot of fun, laugh, smile and have a great experience.
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