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    How do I find r-12x parts?

    I have an 06 r-12x and i need to find a new High oil pressure switch. How do I find this and purchase it online?

    I'm new to this forum and new to jet-skis so any information would be awesome.


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    Have you looked on Ebay? they have alot of parts

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    I did but it didn't have the exact part and it didn't specify weather its a high or low pressure switch.

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    Look here, and buy here. great pricing.
    Low pressure is the single wire, plug. High pressure is 2 wire.


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    Wow this is exactly what i was looking for! thanks a lot i really appreciate it!

    im waiting on the owner to give me the part number but in the mean time if someone who knows their stuff would like to help me out and tell me exactly what part is the high oil pressure switch, id really appreciate it. here is the link to the parts list http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche....?make=hondapwc

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    I was able to find the part numbers incase someone else has this problem.
    90406-HW1-670 (washer)

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