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    Thoughts on 05 fxho cruiser with 95 hours?

    Hey guys- just wanted your thoughts on an 05 fxho cruiser. It has around 95 hours and was always dealer maintained. The owner had to drive from fresh to brackish water to get to the ocean, so in reverse, it would basically flush the ski. I am buying it from a dealer that is on this board who says it was always well maintained, so i am not too concerned. He is checking the compression and should have that info for me this week. Anyway, i was interested in the 06 and later model because i like the body style, but this one is pretty sharp and has everything i am looking for. Anyone own this year ski? What are the issues i might need to worry about? Anyone have any thoughts or experience they can share? Thanks everyone.

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    What is he asking for it...

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    4800 with trailer. Compression is 190 on all and has slight scratches on the body, but the bottom is clean and the engine is pristine according to the dealer. I still have not seen the ski, so this is all from the dealer- who i believe. Anyone have a pre 06 fxho they can comment on? What are the main differences between pre 06 and post 06, other than the body? Any input is appreciated.
    Thanks guys.

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    I have an 05 FXHO Cruiser with around 55 hours on it. So far the ski has been very reliable. It handles well especially in rough water, and is a very comfortable It has power, but could stand more. I can't think of anything specific that may be of help. I paid less 2 years ago for mine and it had less hours, but I bought it from a private individual and it was not in pristine condition. Personally, I am pleased with the ski. I don't know your finances, but I if I had to buy one today, I would buy one with the 1800 engine or supercharged.

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    I have an '05 FXHO Cruiser with 210 hrs on it. Never had any issues. Changed plugs and oil. I'm selling mine to a neighbor for $4000 with trailer.

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    Thanks for the replies. I will see what i can do with the price but he was originally asking 5000 and came down to 4800. Not sure the condition of the trailer- looked like it had some rust, so maybe room for further negotiations. I am fine with the engine size as it will be mostly for fishing and family fun. Wanted my first ski to be inexpensive and relaible- next one will be a step up. Thank you guys for replying.

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    BUY IT! I bought an 05 fxho crusier and i love that big, quick enough, fuel sippin, comfy riding mf'r!

    Its a great ski. I bought mine used 5.5k with double trailer

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    Cigarlust I right. It is very fuel efficient. FYI, I use mine for fishing as well and it is terrific.

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    Awesome. Cant wait. A couple more weeks and it will be be in my garage getting geared up for fishing.

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    I have the blue '05 Cruiser HO with 549hrs....yes, that many hours. Owned it since new, maintained and loved by me...used in saltwater 99%. I installed the Riva kit at 70 hrs and it was worth it in my opinion. Everything works perfectly. I get better mpg, range, and storage space than the newer supercharged models. The engine has never been apart. I do my maintenance at half the hours Yamaha recommends and only use Yamaha oil & filter.

    I have been so impressed with this waverunner, that I just bought the same exact one...with 41 original hours in stock condition. I look forward to putting another 500 hrs on this one.

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