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    I need help with my 1996 Polaris SLTX

    I just recently bought a SLTX at a good deal, but the Jet ski has no fire or spark? What should I check first? The Jet ski has been sitting for 2 years.


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    Look in the Polaris section for info on how to check the stator.

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    First thing to check is to see if your battery delivers 10.6 volts or more while cranking the engine. Put a voltmeter directly to the battery terminals and crank the engine with plugs in and see what your voltage reading is. If it can't deliver at least 10.6 volts, it won't fire the plugs. Next thing to check is the ignition system itself. There was an updated system issued for these skis, and if yours still has the original, it my be time to do the update. It costs about 350 bucks new to get the kit. Check your battery first and let us know what you find. Oh, and look here for all kinds of info.

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