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Thread: 2007 triton LT

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    2007 triton LT

    Hey guys quick question... Will a 2007 triton LT hold a 12 fzs and 10 260x looking to pick up a double trailer? Thanks for the help

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    I would think any of the Triton doubles would be able to handle that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12yamfzs View Post
    ... Will a 2007 triton LT hold a 2012 fzs and 2010 260x looking to pick up a double trailer? ...
    I have a '2008' Triton Elite double trailer purchased in late 2007. The LOAD weight rating is 2335 pounds total, or about 1160 per side, give or take. This is for the Elite version with torsion axle.

    You can check with Triton's web site for the LOAD weight rating on all current model Triton trailers (2210 pounds for the LT WCII model).

    Note that Triton changed the weight ratings and frame dimensions about ten years ago, but kept the model names the same.

    Note that in addition to the 'dry weight' manufacturer specification for each watercraft, you need to add the weight of full fuel tanks, oil, whatever you have in the storage areas, and also whatever trailer box or other things you bolt to the trailer. All of this, together, is the LOAD the trailer will be carrying. Trailer should be rated for at least that load weight, or greater.

    I must say I greatly prefer the smooth ride and quiet towing of the torsion axle Elite model over the leaf spring basic model.
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    Totally agree that the torsion axles are the way to go. I have had them on 2-place and 4-place enclosed snowmobile trailers, a 12,000# boat trailer, and have a 2-place Triton Elite PWC trailer on order. I'll never go back to steel springs!

    Same opinion on bearing grease lube systems that many axles now have. Absolutely the way to go, especially on boat/PWC trailers where the hot axles assembly gets dunked into cold water!

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    I have seen those ski''s and they would ride very well on a Triton trailer either the LT-II or the EliteII. Any questions feel free to drop me a line. Thank you for considering a Triton Trailer!

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