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    How am I doing on my maintenance?

    So I bought my Ski in September of 2011. A little over a year ago, my ski's engine compartment filled with water and almost sunk (luckily I got it to land at the last second before the engine shut off). This was due to a leaking carbon seal that was overlooked by the dealer when I had the ride plate replaced after a long story. It was taken to the dealer right after that happened on the same day and the whole system was flushed and oil was changed all under their expense. Right now im at 54 hours and am going to change the spark plugs, oil filter/ 0-rings, and oil. Since the ski is ridden in saltwater only, after every time I take it out, I lightning mist down the engine compartment, then coat everything in the engine compartment and exterior bolts with the seadoo XPS spray lubricant protective stuff. Then of course I flush it after every ride. I was reading that I need to lubricate the throttle body, how do I do it and where is it?

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    As far as the xps lube, is the best choice for coating the engine compartment. I ride in salt water and have used different sprays, this one is by far the best. In my ski there is a hose that ends up in a small yellow cup attached to the plastic engine cover.Probably it's the same in your case. Open that, insert the plastic extension of the xps lube into that hose and spray for 5-6 sec. Don't have to do it every time. I usually spray 2-3 times a season.

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