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    GP 800 Cylinder Question.

    Curious if anyone might be able to tell me what a couple of things are on my cylinders.. In this pic, what is the object that the red arrow is pointing to and what does the number that the blue arrow is pointing to represent? Thanks in advance -
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    red arrow is a zinc tab, meant to prevent problems when electricity is run thru a metal in water. Blue should be a casting number

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    The red thing is a zinc and it is meant to stop electrolysis. It is soft sacrificial metal that corrodes to prevent it from happening to your engine. That one is in good shape just make sure they are in each cylinder. Not sure what the blue is pointing at.

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    Thanks guys for the info. That makes sense now. The reason I ask about the stamping (blue arrow) is this.... I recently bought a cylinder from eBay. When I called to ask the seller a few questions, the guy made the comment that it was stamped 10 which meant that when I purchased the piston, that I would need to choose the "B" option. He then followed up by saying, "but whoever is rebuilding your engine should know all about that." I unfortunately did not ask him to elaborate. So now I am about to purchase my top end rebuild kit and just want to make sure I get the right one.

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    lol I knew I wasn't the only one who wondered what it was for.

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    This explains the casting number for piston size:

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    So can I run "b"on the first cylinder and "d" on the second?

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    No one knows if I can run these two together?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neaners View Post
    So can I run "b"on the first cylinder and "d" on the second?
    Yes you can

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