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    help me choose

    has anyone seen the video on you tube of the kawasaki ultra 250 and a seadoo the video shows the seadoo beating the kawasaki but the kawasaki is just cruisin. My question is talking about the new seadoo rxp 2 seater and the kawasaki ultra 250 also is there any yamaha that will compete or any other ski that is as fast as these two skis. I am looking in to buying a new ski and don't have much information. #1 which ski is most reliable and are the supercharged engines breaking down a lot. #2 which ski has the best 0-60. #3 which ski handles best #4 in your opinion what is the all around best ski keeping reliability in mind (i don't want to be fixing the ski every week). also what ever ski i choose it will remain stock. Looking forward to all of you experienced answers

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    Steve, first I'd like to WELCOME you to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    The first thing you need to inform us about is what you expect out of the ride of your PWC.
    Smooth lake water?
    3 foot swell type stuff on the river or whatever condition you might encounter.
    As an example if i were riding in ugly choppy water I would take the larger Ultra as it will be a smoother, faster drier ride.
    You looking to tow with the unit and does your state allow you to tow with a 2 seater RXP versus a 3 seater Ultra.
    Anyway more info would be a must when comparing these 2 machines as it's comparing apples to oranges.

    But uhhh, why is this in the Honda section??

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