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    please help me choose

    has anyone seen the video on you tube of the kawasaki ultra 250 and a seadoo the video shows the seadoo beating the kawasaki but the kawasaki is just cruisin. My question is talking about the new seadoo rxp 2 seater and the kawasaki ultra 250 also is there any yamaha that will compete or any other ski that is as fast as these two skis. I am looking in to buying a new ski and don't have much information. #1 which ski is most reliable and are the supercharged engines breaking down a lot. #2 which ski has the best 0-60. #3 which ski handles best #4 in your opinion what is the all around best ski keeping reliability in mind (i don't want to be fixing the ski every week). also what ever ski i choose it will remain stock. Looking forward to all of you experienced answers

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    In my experience I would go for the Kawi over the Doo. SEADOO has too many plastic parts for my taste. You really should not have to work on a 4-stroke all that much and should be the best fit for your application. The only down side on the 4-stroke for the casual rider is if you do have problems it will be lots of $$$$$ to fix it, but you should be able to ride it for years with proper maint. Later

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    As for the question about "is there a Yamaha that can compete with these two skis" yes, the gp1300r can compete.
    From what I hear, the Kawi is alot bigger and heavier than the rxp and the gpr. So it would make since that it COULD be slower.

    As for reliability- The kawi is a brand new model so it hasnt had time to show if there are alot of issues with it. I normally dont buy the first year of anything but thats just my choice.
    I dont know enough about the rxp to talk about there reliability.
    The gpr in stock form is very reliable. If you start modding it there are a few things to do for safety, like intake grate, and tunnel reinforcement. If its stock though its pretty trouble free.
    The gpr costs less to fix than the others mentioned.
    The gpr is a 2 stroke though so you have to fill the oil tank as well as the fuel tank. (not as often though).
    In stock form the rxp will usually beat a GPR on the holeshot and since their top speeds are similar the rxp will probably stay in front. I think they will both beat the kawi though.
    The rxp has a better engine than the gpr, but the gpr has a better hull.
    Once again, I dont know enough about the Kawi to comment on hulls and engines.
    The gpr is considerably cheaper to buy and mod than the other two mentioned.

    So now that your more confused than you were before reading this post. Have fun with whatever you buy.

    I would be more than happy to own any of the three.

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