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    sea doo rxp vs ultra 250

    has anyone seen the video on you tube of the kawasaki ultra 250 and a seadoo the video shows the seadoo beating the kawasaki but the kawasaki is just cruisin. My question is talking about the new seadoo rxp 2 seater and the kawasaki ultra 250 also is there any yamaha that will compete or any other ski that is as fast as these two skis. I am looking in to buying a new ski and don't have much information. #1 which ski is most reliable and are the supercharged engines breaking down a lot. #2 which ski has the best 0-60. #3 which ski handles best #4 in your opinion what is the all around best ski keeping reliability in mind (i don't want to be fixing the ski every week). also what ever ski i choose it will remain stock. Looking forward to all of you experienced answers

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    RXP is best

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    I don't own either but i'll give my .02.

    First let me say that the Kawasaki is too new IMO to be able to answer any real reliability questions. But, as with any engine/machine if it is properly cared for it should run forever.

    Handling wise, ones a 2 seater, ones a yacht...

    0-60 Im not sure off, but I hear the 250 has insane accell.

    Which is better is dependent upon use. If you just wanna go fast, tow people, and just cruise around, the 250.

    If you wanna go just as fast, if not faster, jump waves/wakes better, handle better. go with the RXP.

    All personal opionion.

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    The Ultra is just too new to really answer ya question.... RXP has had sum sc issues but really is a good ski stock and under warranty. Ya could add a riva grate and filled plate holes and do 70 on a stock rxp. Thats not stock but not really modded.... Will not void warrany. So I'd say ride both then decide.

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    ultra 250!!!!!

    mod the ride plate , put in a wedge.....and it will do 70 no problum.....but out of the hole and in the chop....the ultra is a GOD

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    Bought a new RXP in March 06, put 100 hours on it, only problem, I need to change wear ring this winter. My friend bought a new Kawasaki F15 which is a good reliable ski, but he just traded it for the ultra 250. We will be racing in March. Only mods I have are the air intake, and removed OPAS. I think it will be a close match, but on rough water I will be air borne a lot which isn't going to help matched up against that deep V. It is a monster of a jet ski in size. If you like handling/speed go RXP. If you like a more mature OLD ride then go Kawasaki.

    If Kawasaki had put that 250SC in the F15 it would have toasted everything right out of the box, but they built a ship.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RXP Steve View Post
    RXP is best
    I second what I said.

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    how about a rxt if u want something 4 rough water & thats been out 4 a while just put the metal washers in the s/c & it;ll b good 2 go
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    I added a wedge to a 185 horsepower Gtx with out a super charger 3 years a go. It porpoised like a pig ! However it did pick up over a mile per hour with out the seat.

    I hear guys adding 2 wedeges to an Ultra 250. Good luck. With the wedge it
    would not turn around, unless you were on a football field !

    Give it air, wait for the right ride plate and thats where the speed will be.

    That may be only 3 to four miles per hour , but, it will be relialible and under warranty and still turn.

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