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    Towing Question ....?

    Questions, questions ......

    Not having done this before,.........

    Is it feasable/possible to tow a jet ski with another boat 4-5 miles to a Marina, so I would be able to get back where I started??

    And, while towing can you manuver enough when stopping the boat that the jet ski does not bang into the boat or go into a wrong/hazardous direction...etc ?????

    Should the tow line be long or short ???....How many feet ???

    Thanks !!!!

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    I use one of these when house boating, I'm sure there are better by now but its always worked for me.

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    If you don't score the Toadster you can indeed tow and you don't need to steer it because you don't need to ride on it use a long enough rope to get the PWC out of the prop wash and it has enough drag that slamming into the boat is not really an issue whether the tow boat will be able to get on plane is dependent on the boat! My 2651 doesn't affect the PWC when stepping on plane but I keep it on the bare minimum speed to do so! Z

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    i would just save your money an buy 2 1/2 inch pvc pipe and just have a rope ran thru it , you could basicly make your own towster if you dont mind the smell of lake water after things are said and done

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