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    Need help with Seadoo 4 tec wearring and pump

    I have a Gtx 4tec sc 185 doing top speed of 50mph @ 7900 rpm. I pulled pump and noticed it looked like the impeller was cutting out a decent size groove on the side of the wearing. I replaced wearing and still was not doing over 50mph. So I pulled pump again and noticed the same groove was back in same place. Is my thinking off or could this be pump bearings trashed?

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    Bad pump bearings typically lock up real quick. You replaced the wear ring... did you feel excessive runout in the bearings? If the prop will move side to side any at all you have bad bearings. Did you check the impeller for burrs or bends? I always file minor burrs...

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    Thanks for reply. The end splines on the shaft that go into impeller are pretty much stripped out and the is a lot of wear on the teeth of the impeller. I have dealt with a couple of these in the past but the ski did not go anywhere,(from shaft being stripped). This one is weird, you get to top rpm and its only doing 50mph. It kinda acts like when you hit top end the shaft slips forward then starts slipping. The ski does come out of the hole pretty good with good mid range as well. Btw the front hat on the shaft and rear bumper was complety worn to pieces. Thanks for your help.

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    No burrs on impeller btw.

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    Would pump flex cause loss of top spend??

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    i had a similar problem with my rx. ended up the pump was worn and the ring would loosen and spin in the pump. 4 small sheet metal screws brought me back up to 60mph with it after destroying 2 wearrings in less than an hour.

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    I believe there are also wear ring size differences. I have 3 plastic 4-tec pumps in the garage right now, from 2002 and 2003. The one off of the 2003 speedster takes a shorter wear ring, but when you order the wear ring from seadoo, you get the longer one that fits in the newer pumps. I would say it is about a 1/4" difference.

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    50 on GPS or dash speedo?
    Which year 185 hp?
    2003's were notorious for this b/c of the plastic pump & heavy hull.
    The engine torque with the extra 30 hp over n/a engines caused the prop to do exactly what you're describing. It's trying to stuff a S#*+ ton of water thru a really small hole (Venturi nozzle.)
    The hull/engine/rider/fuel is really heavy and just doesn't want to move so the water is compressing in the pump as the engine continues to provide torque to the prop.
    The blades of the prop are still digging even if they can't move the water out of the Venturi so the weak link is the plastic pump housing. It's kinda like trying to hold a small piece of metal with your bare hand and put a hole in it with drill press. That drill bits gonna keep spinning no matter how much you're getting f'd up.
    The plastic pumps worked fine on giant horsepower 2 strokes b/c they were 300 lb lighter.
    Some late year '03 and early '04 185 hp boats had a brace on the stbd. side of the pump attached at the Venturi bolts.
    It helped but not a lot.
    Eventually everything supercharged got the aluminum pump housing

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    Thanks for the reply guys, I have a new alum pump, impeller, drive line, seals and carbon ring kit. Once I get it all install I will jump back on here and let you guys know. I am pretty confident this is the issue. Engine seems to be running perfect, I think its getting the higher rpm @ 7900 cause either the cavitation or slipping of the shaft which is pretty tore up.

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