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    Towing '95 SL750 ?

    I've read? that when towing a Jet ski the INLET water line needs to be blocked off to prevent water from entering the engine. Is that correct??

    If so, putting a Ball Valve in the inlet line the best way to tow.

    See pix
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    Thats what I did! A nice PVC ball valve and hang a reminder on you handlebars caus if you forget to open valve you got issues!
    The Toadster company that makes rigs to tow PWC's just sells a clamp to block flow so the valve is even cooler! Z

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    OK Thanks.

    I'm trying to figure out a way so I won't leave the valve closed after towing.

    Maybe tieing the lanyard around the valve, would make it Idiot proof.

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    I have the valve in all of mine. Haven't forgot it yet but that doesn't mean anything........I like the lanyard idea but with my luck who ever borrowed my ride would just grab one of my spares and be off.....

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    I'm a little confused on this because aren't these engines self draining so why would water enter the engine?

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    Someone else can correct me but ....since the engine isn't running the water pressure from being towed will force it's way up, the "in " cooling hose and flood the engine.

    And then hydro-lock when you try to start it, besides corrosion starting to form.

    That's my take on the subject.

    Someone correct me if necessary...thanks

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    What Happens Is Water In The Exhaust Pipe Cooling Area Forces Its Way Thru To The Stinger And Collects In The Bottom Of The Exhaust Pipe,eventually It Fills The Pipe And Water Box To The Point Where The Exit For The Waterbox Is Higher Than The Point Where Water Can Simple Drain Into The Motor Exhaust Port,or On Start Up Is Sucked Back Into The Motor
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    do i have 2 pay attention if i took all my hoses and ran air thru them ? with a mix of deluted diesel and antifreeze mixture

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    maybe depends on how u did it? ? pull the spark plugs and crank her over see if you get liquid from the plug holes? good news is that concoction wouldn't rust anything

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    Hey all I am a newbie also and i love these forums i bought a 92 sl650 and a 93 sl750 the 92 is running good as for the 93 it needed a starter so I installed that, than when I was putting it back together i noticed that the previous owner had bypassed the fuel pump and installed an electric fuel pump with a switch so i cleaned all the fuel lines and it ran great well I got both of them out on the water they were running great than all of the sudden after coming to a stop the 93 sl750 died so i went to start it up and it barly turned over the battery was dead so i jump on my other machine (made my wife wait on the broken one lol ) and went into shore grabed a rope and towed the 97 into shore not knowing that the exhaust would flood with water anyways i got them home charged the battery and tried to start Nothing than i pulled the plugs they were soaked i did a compressioon test and all were at 120 i figured good so i pulled the exhaust and it was completly full of water. Thats the point im at now i was just wondering if i have damaged my machine in any way and what precautions i might take before i try and start it again Thanks

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