Yo! I 'm curious if anyone can point me in the right direction. I need to get a cover for my 2011 FZR and to be honest I just not happy with the ones that I have seen so far. As you all may or may not know my ski is black with electric green accents. Love the color of my ski. however the cover for it from Yamaha is grey with a little black. I admit I'm being picky, but I would REALLY like the cover to match the ski. Preferably Black with "Waverunner FZR" in Lime Green or along those lines. I know thats picky picky, so heres the 100.00 question. Do any of you all know anyone that does custom covers? There are half a hundred companies out there that do a "generic" or "trailerable" cover but again they just don't come in the color I'd be happy with. Let me know what you all got, and thanks up front.